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Orlando, FL


Orlando:  “O” Town Goes Beyond the Magic!

It seems like every American owns a little bit of Orlando. It is the undisputed theme-park capital of the United States.

Every child, loves Walt Disney.  Consequently, all of our Officers were a little in love with Orlando long before it became our beat. At sometime or other, we had been among the 54 million annual visitors who came to Orlando for vacations or business. Orlando is also the home of the Orlando Magic, NBA basketball giants. Our team and players are well known though-out the league.

200,000 people live in the city proper, and it’s the sixth largest city in Florida, but our officers do their  duty in the entire Orlando metropolitan area, which is  home to nearly 1.8 million people. We admit, we love the energy and enthusiasm of being a part of the 36th “Most Fun U.S City,” and America’s number two vacation destination, only shortly behind Las Vegas. Visitors come to Orlando in search of  the magic of Sea World, Discovery Cove, Wet ‘n Wild, Aquatica, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Families concentrate on these magical places while Curtis Security is proud to focus on their safety.

We definitely patrol in the shadows of 71 skyscrapers, and even we crane our necks at the 441 foot height of  the Sun Trust Center. Did you know Orlando is also only 45 minutes from Port Canaveral?  Our proactive protection is perfect for this huge cruise ship port.

We love to see people doing what they should without fear. This is especially evident when we contribute protection to Orlando’s world class cultural attractions. We pledge our protection to areas around such popular places as:

  • The Central Florida Zoological Park
  • The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art
  • The Cornell Fine Arts Museum.

You might discover our officers guarding a private event at the Harry P. Leu Gardens or the Orlando Science Center.  Sometimes even spiritual spaces need our special safety experts, places like the Historic Bok Sanctuary or The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Central Florida.

In the downtown area of Orlando, we deploy our effective preventative measures, and promote security for the lively dance clubs, martini bars, bistros, and sports bars. (Actually, you might not literally see us, but we are there.) Every night, our beat includes proactive protection around such areas as the neon lit Universal City Walk and Downtown Disney.  The safety officers of Curtis Protective Services believe that Orlando has the right combination of entertaining magic, outdoor sunny  enchantment, vibrant business and practical of family life. We are proud to support the homes and the visitors in this great city. We are proud to call it home base.

Top Three Reasons Curtis Protective Services Are Orlando’s Premiere Security Network:

  1. You see, we believe our professional administration of safety and security for  Orlando protects your families and ours. We believe in the innovation, imagination and ingenuity of Orlando. For many of us Orlando is our home, too.
  2. Our founder, Chief John W. Campbell trains our professional officers in the single-minded determination of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  3. The Curtis Protective Services embrace the integrity, dedication and loyalty of the United States Marine Corps. Our officers are protect Orlando with  creativity, boldness, technical skill, constant readiness and intelligence.