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Jacksonville, FL


Jacksonville:  Curtis Protective Services Joins the Jaguar Family!!

We have recently enjoyed the warm welcome of the largest city in the continental U.S.A.,  Jacksonville, Florida. Curtis officers bring their signature proactive protection to clients over 840 sprawling square miles.

With interests in trade, transportation, leisure, mining, construction, and business, the 794,000 residents of Jacksonville have impressed us with a rare combination of metropolitan energy and laid-back casual charm.

An Amazing City Symbol: We are committed to protecting the Jacksonville lifestyle with the same courage as the jaguars they display both in the Jacksonville zoo’s “Range of the Jaguar,” exhibit, and the fierce NFL team.  In fact, we can match many of our traditional values to those the shared by Jacksonville Jaguars and Jacksonville citizens:

  • C” is for Courage, which our officers exemplify, courage like we see at Jacksonville’s Navy Memorial.
  • U” is for Unity, which all Curtis Security officers demonstrate with preventative action, deterring the crime before it happens.
  • R” is for Reassurance, the kind you feel when you watch the quiet sunset at Jacksonville Beach, only twenty miles from downtown.
  • T” is for trust, which grows as we preserve the peace for happy shoppers and families at the waterfront marketplace.
  • I” is for integrity, like the honest, balanced beauty of the largest urban park system in the USA.
  • S” is for safety, which our officers are proud to bring to the neighborhoods, businesses and special events under our peaceful, proactive protection.

Jacksonville’s premiere Protective Service. Contact us to arrange security for your event or to learn more about us!