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Does Your Business or Community Need a Security Guard?

Businesses and communities in major cities such as Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Atlanta Georgia, have seen s significant increase in crime. Having a security plan in place to protect your business, employees, and guests has become a necessity. But how do you know if you need to a hire security guard? Top Reasons for [...]

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What You Need To Know About Hiring a Security Guard Service

No matter what type of business you have, shopping mall, medical complex, apartment building, gated community, the benefits of hiring a security guard far outweighs the cost. Ensuring the safety of your guests, tenants, employees and property are achieved with a security guard. There are a few things to consider when hiring a security guard. [...]

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How Important are Security Guards in a Medical or Hospital Setting?

Anything can happen in a medical or hospital like setting, there are lots of people, patients, visitors, and employees, emotions run high, there are sensitive areas, as well as medications. Security has become a crucial component in this type of environment. Why are security guards such an important aspect of a hospital or medical setting? [...]

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Armed vs Unarmed Security Guards in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville & Atlanta

Security has become a serious issue in both our commercial businesses, residential communities and construction sites. Whether you are protecting your employees, guests, or assets, security have become a high priority. For the ultimate protection, security guards are the solution Armed vs Unarmed Security Guards An important question to ask when hiring a security guard [...]

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Retail Theft On The Rise, Isn’t It Time You Invested in a Security Guard Service

Retail crime is on the rise in cities such as Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, and Atlanta. A recent study by the National Retail Federation, showed significant increase by the retailers surveyed, $700,259 from last year. With the average loss totaling $726,351 per $1 billion in sales. “Organized retail crime continues to be one of [...]

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Security Guard Service for Businesses, Events, Construction Sites, Hospitality, Medical & Restaurants

Security is important for every business, now more than ever! From busy medical centers and hospitals, crowded concerts and events, restaurants and the hospitality industry to residential communities and construction sites, crime. Active shooter and terrorist situations have touched just about everywhere. Which is why businesses need to stay proactive and take action. The first [...]

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How Are You Keeping Your Business, Employees & Assets Safe? Security Guards & Mobile Patrol

Many businesses, Home Owners Associations, and events contemplate hiring security guards for safety and security. The fact is, crime has become a serious issue, affecting all types of industries and businesses of all sizes in Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Atlanta, Georgia. How are you keeping your business safe? How about your guests and employees? [...]

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Security Solution for the Holidays, Security Guards & Mobile Patrols

The holidays are a joyful time! Unfortunately, along with the hustle and bustle comes an increase in crime in major cities like Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Florida, and Atlanta Georgia. Criminals find opportunities in this happy season to take advantage of business as well as their guests, customers, and clients. The Holidays are [...]

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Security Has Become a Top Priority! Be Prepared & Have a Plan

Security has become a significant problem, especially in Atlanta, Georgia, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida. Security guard providers have become essential in our unpredictable world. Have you seen a security guard lately? Was it at the mall or maybe the lobby of a medical plaza. Security guards are the first line of [...]

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A Premier Security Provider for Businesses, Communities & Personal Security

When it comes to security, a bargain isn’t always a bargain. The protection of your employees, guests, and property, is not the place you want corners cut. Here are just a few reasons why it is important to choose a reputable security service. Qualified Personnel: A bargain security company often has lower hiring costs, which [...]

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