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Security Has Become a Top Priority! Be Prepared & Have a Plan

Security has become a significant problem, especially in Atlanta, Georgia, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida. Security guard providers have become essential in our unpredictable world. Have you seen a security guard lately? Was it at the mall or maybe the lobby of a medical plaza. Security guards are the first line of [...]

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A Premier Security Provider for Businesses, Communities & Personal Security

When it comes to security, a bargain isn’t always a bargain. The protection of your employees, guests, and property, is not the place you want corners cut. Here are just a few reasons why it is important to choose a reputable security service. Qualified Personnel: A bargain security company often has lower hiring costs, which [...]

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How To Keep Your Business and Neighborhood Safe and Secure

Cities like Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Atlanta Georgia, are seeing an increase in violent crime and workplace shootings. Certain businesses such as healthcare facilities, schools, events, shopping and business plazas, experience a large number of people entering their property and leaving every day. Especially in big cities in Florida and Georgia. This [...]

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Security Guards and Work Place Violence, What Can You Do?

The recent shooting homicide of two people in Marylands is a tragic reminder that workplace violence is real. It seems more and more disgruntled and angry employees are seeking revenge against coworkers and employers, using deadly force at the workplace. Employees using violence to settle the score from either real or perceived wrongs, is making [...]

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How Can A Security Guard Help Keep Your Business Safe?

Think your business isn’t at risk for a crime, think again! As the crime rate steadily increases and workplace violence is on the rise, it is more important than ever to have a security plan in place. The Fact is, Any Type of Business is at Risk for Theft, Burglary, Vandalism, and Other Criminal Activity. [...]

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Security Guard, First Line of Defense for any Business or Community

It can happen anywhere at anytime, the best you can do is to be prepared. Take for instance the recent tragedy at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. It was security guard Jesus Campos, who initially found the shooter Stephen Paddock. Thanks to the quick thinking of the security guard Campos, he was [...]

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How You Can Make Your Residential Community Safer

Safety is a major concern for both residential neighborhoods and business communities, not only for the homeowners and tenants, but also for potential buyers and renters. Just a glance of criminal activity or vandalism will potential residents running in the opposite direction. If your neighborhood has seen an increase in thefts, loitering, vandalism, or other [...]

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Security Guards for Construction Sites, Save On Your Bottom Line

Theft on construction job sites are costing the industry over 1 billion dollars every year. Whether it is the tools and materials, contractors need to get a job done, or appliances and copper tubing, construction sites have become a jackpot for criminals. “Simple security measures and practices can help keep jobsites protected,” said Mike Bykowski, [...]

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Private Security Service for Businesses and Communities

Security has become a necessity to successfully operate a business in today’s age. Not only can it be quite expensive, handling your own security can be overwhelming and a big liability. While companies that outsource their security find it helps cut costs and has a higher return on investment. Whether your business is in Atlanta, [...]

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Is Your Business Safer with a Security Guard?

Any size business or event can be a target for for theft and illegal activity. From the retail shops close to the city to a musical event or festival, anywhere people get together to shop, work, dine, bank, and just have fun. According to Small Business Trends, “Employing the services of a reputable, licensed security [...]

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