How Important are Security Guards in a Medical or Hospital Setting?

Anything can happen in a medical or hospital like setting, there are lots of people, patients, visitors, and employees, emotions run high, there are sensitive areas, as well as medications. Security has become a crucial component in this type of environment.

Why are security guards such an important aspect of a hospital or medical setting? How can a security guard make your patients and workers safe?

Patrol for Suspicious Activity

The medical community is naturally vulnerable to threats, crime and violence. A threat can have a major effect on the entire facility, evacuating the patients and staff is not only time consuming, it can be life threatening.

Recently, a bomb threat was the cause of Somerset Hospital to be on lock down for two hours.

A trained security guard patrolling the area is able to detect a threat. Protecting the medical community by identifying potential criminals and vandals, hazards such as spills, spot suspicious packages.

They can also alert employees and help evacuate patients in case of a fire.

Mitigate Angry Patients or Family Members

A hospital type setting can be both physically and emotionally draining. You never know how a patient or family members will react to receiving devastating news. Raised stress levels can easily lead to lashing out in anger. Potentially, threatening patients and employees.

Security guards are trained in de-escalating a situation and handling unmanageable and angry people. If the issue is not resolved, the security guard can escort them off the property.

Prevent Inappropriate Behavior

With so many people on the property, inappropriate behavior such as theft or harassment, can easily get out of control. A security guard can discourage and prevent such behavior.

Control Access to the Building

There are many sensitive areas in a hospital setting. A security guard can monitor who enters and leaves the building, prevent intruders, and monitor the area.

Security guards are specially trained to handle disgruntle employees, security risk, as well as inter-office issues.  Employees will be more comfortable walking to and from the parking lot, safe while they work, and give them peace of mind.

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