Armed vs Unarmed Security Guards in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville & Atlanta

Security has become a serious issue in both our commercial businesses, residential communities and construction sites. Whether you are protecting your employees, guests, or assets, security have become a high priority.

For the ultimate protection, security guards are the solution

Armed vs Unarmed Security Guards

An important question to ask when hiring a security guard is whether they are armed or unarmed.

An armed security guards means they have some type of weapon, usually a gun. The armed security guard is licensed to carry a firearm and extensively trained on how to use them. Though armed security guards work well in any situation, they are especially important for events involving, jewelry, money, and expensive items. Or events where celebrities or people of notoriety are attending or performing.

If your situation isn’t expecting any criminal activity, such as the daily work activity or community event, then an unarmed security guard may be appropriate for your situation. Unfortunately, watching the news on any given day, you realize a situation can happen just about anywhere and anytime.

Armed security guards are typically in crowded public areas, where the potential for criminal activity is higher. An armed guard plays a big role in deterring perpetrators.  The guards themselves usually come from law enforcement or military background, so they have professional training and experience.

There are many things to take into consideration, will there be a large number of people at the event, office, or live in the community, will many people be entering the property on a daily basis, the overall atmosphere, is the event or establishment open at night, will there be alcohol served, if you answered yes to any of these questions, an armed security guard may be the better choice.

All types of businesses, communities, shopping centers, malls, medical offices, concerts, and events, need extra reinforcement. With the extra manpower of security guards you can stay on top of the situation.

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