Retail Theft On The Rise, Isn’t It Time You Invested in a Security Guard Service

Retail crime is on the rise in cities such as Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, and Atlanta. A recent study by the National Retail Federation, showed significant increase by the retailers surveyed, $700,259 from last year. With the average loss totaling $726,351 per $1 billion in sales.

“Organized retail crime continues to be one of the biggest challenges to retailers of all sizes,” NRF Vice President for Loss Prevention Bob Moraca said. “These crimes happen across the country every day, with criminals getting smarter, more brazen, more aggressive and sometimes even attacking store employees and shoppers. Fighting ORC is a full-time job, and retailers must learn how to stay a step ahead of these thieves.”

This time of year criminals are looking for items that are not only easy to steal, but also those that can be quickly resold. From designer handbags and cloths, to razors, cosmetics, and jewelry. They have no trouble selling these products in pawn shops, flea markets, and the internet.

Cargo theft is also a big issue, according to the survey. With 40 percent of retailers had merchandise stolen either along the supply chain or at the distribution center.

2017 Organized Retail Crime Survey Fraudulent Returns Key Findings

Return of stolen merchandise, 68 percent
Employee return fraud, 65 percent
Returns of merchandise purchased on fraudulent or stolen tender, 57 percent
Returns made by Organized Retail Crime groups, 54 percent
Wardrobing, 40 percent
Returns using counterfeit receipts, 29 percent
Returns using e-receipts, 19 percent

Preventing Theft and Crime

The presence of a uniformed security guard or mobile unit can discourage criminals and prevent crime. Which in turns saves the merchant money and lets the customers and employees feel safe.

Solution To All Your Security Issues 

Malls, retail stores, shopping centers, medical communities, and businesses, can have hundreds and even thousands of people walk through their doors.  A security guard can stay on top of things, monitoring the situation.

As a fully insured and licensed company, Curtis Security offers many security solutions. Isn’t it time you beef up your security?

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