How To Keep Your Business and Neighborhood Safe and Secure

Cities like Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Atlanta Georgia, are seeing an increase in violent crime and workplace shootings.

Certain businesses such as healthcare facilities, schools, events, shopping and business plazas, experience a large number of people entering their property and leaving every day. Especially in big cities in Florida and Georgia. This number of people not only presents a number of security risks to employees and staff, it also puts the guests and patients in jeopardy.

An experienced security team can grant access to those guests with legitimate business on the property and ensure they reach their destination without detouring into restricted or secure areas.

The recent increase in tension with groups and individuals breads violence. We see it happen more and more, spilling over into the workplace and everyday life. A security guard is trained to recognize the potential, step in, minimize and even prevent a situation from elevating.

The emotional state of mind among visitors, guests, and patients, are always a concern, especially in that of a health care facility. Emotions are typically charged and can easily get out of control. This is when a security service takes an active role with the healthcare provider to understand the needs of their patients and visitors.

A few things to consider when hiring a security service

Ensure the security service you hire has experience with your type of business, such as the demands of a healthcare facility.

They also need to understand and comply with regulations concerning your business. For example, HIPPA, protecting the health information of patients, and the Emergency Medical Treatment & Labor Act for hospital and medical providers.

The security service should partner with owners, managers, and staff to identify areas of risk and meet the needs of your facility.

To create the safest work environment, security guards and monitoring technology is the best solution. With specialized training to handle disgruntle employees, security risk, as well as inter-office issues.  Employees and guests feel more safe with visible security guards.

Curtis Security Service has one of the best security teams in the industry. Our state of the art security technology, combined with highly trained and qualified personnel, ensures all your security needs are taken care of.

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