How You Can Make Your Residential Community Safer

Safety is a major concern for both residential neighborhoods and business communities, not only for the homeowners and tenants, but also for potential buyers and renters. Just a glance of criminal activity or vandalism will potential residents running in the opposite direction.

If your neighborhood has seen an increase in thefts, loitering, vandalism, or other criminal activity, it is time to ramp up security.

The first line of defense is hiring an on-site security service to protect the families and property. The presence of marked vehicles and uniformed officers is enough to keep unwanted trespassers and criminals far away. The safety of the families who live in the community is to precious to leave up to chance!  Professionally trained security guards will ensure the utmost protection.

Creating a neighborhood watch is another way to ward of criminal behavior. Alert community members are less likely to become a victim. Invite your security service to meetings to talk over any concerns and how to improve the safety of the community. The security provider can also give advice and information on spotting suspicious activity and goals for the neighborhood.

Discourage trespassers by making it more difficult to access the neighborhood. A uniformed security guard at the entrance and post signs of the security provider with a phone number to report any suspicious activity.

A security guard also has a quick response to situations and burglar alarms, and take appropriate action.

Install lighting in poorly lit areas can significantly discourage trespassers and criminals. Security lighting, with visibility with at least 100 feet in each direction.

Hiring private security guards for residential neighborhoods is a growing trend.  Sullivan Ranch is a gated community in Lake County, Florida was having problems with juveniles trespassing in the neighborhood, looking into vehicles and homes, while the owners were at work. They were even bulling children who live in the neighborhood.

The situation was growing quickly and was getting out of control. That is when they hired Curtis Protective Services.  Officers met with the residents and listened to their concerns.  Then quickly taking action to ensure the families and homes in the area were safe and secure. They no longer have an issue with trespassers and those living in the community feel safer.

Curtis Protective Services is proud to serve the Atlanta, Georgia, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, and Orlando, Tampa, Florida areas. Contact us today for more information. 

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