Security Guards for Construction Sites, Save On Your Bottom Line

Theft on construction job sites are costing the industry over 1 billion dollars every year. Whether it is the tools and materials, contractors need to get a job done, or appliances and copper tubing, construction sites have become a jackpot for criminals.

“Simple security measures and practices can help keep jobsites protected,” said Mike Bykowski, said in an article in Concrete Construction. “After hours, construction sites can become an easy target for theft and vandalism, but there are measures that professionals can take to ensure expensive tools and equipment are kept safe.”

Most of these thefts are happening on the weekend, according to the Great American Insurance Group.

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Commander Chuck Mulligan told News 4, thieves are taking advantage of the fact the county is growing exponentially. “They are using large cargo trucks, potential lifts. They are loading all these appliances up at one time and they’re rolling out with them, and some individuals are doing this as an income source.”

Don’t let losses due to inadequate construction site security threaten your bottom line.

Security guards on a construction site are a visible deterrent for both theft and vandalism, during and after work hours. Monitoring job site access control and stored materials.

Mobile patrols have been proven to reduce suspicious activity during peak times, early morning and evening. Monitoring on-site securing during working hours, protecting employees and their vehicles, monitoring visitors, discouraging trespassers, arming security alarms, locking up at night, and handling crisis situations.

The amount of construction burglaries is increasing every day,  just one theft can seriously affect your profit margin, protecting your job site is more important than ever.

As a leader in the industry, Curtis Security is ready to deliver you the highest quality protection, tailored to suit your needs.

You can count on our security guards for both short and long term services. With the highest level of training, our security guards are carefully chosen for their professionalism and reliability. Contact us today to find out how Curtis Security can help you.

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