Does Your Business Have a Security Plan In Place?

Protecting your business and having a security plan in place is of utmost importance. As the owner or manager of a business it is your responsibility to keep guests, tenants, customers, and employees safe.

There are many choices when it comes to carrying out your security plan, depending on the type of business. Uniformed security guards and marked patrol vehicles have become the leading combination  meeting the security needs of leading businesses.

State of the art surveillance working together with human intelligence creates a comprehensive security plan that keeps everyone and your assets safe, it is a winning solution.

Ensure You Have the Right Security

Implementing video surveillance system and a security officer for your business may feel like you ready for anything. They are powerful tools to combat crime, but to get the maximum benefits out of each one of them, you should understand their individual roles.

Security cameras and video surveillance deter criminals and are used to solve crimes. But to stop criminals in their tracks or diffuse a volatile situation a security guard is better equipped.

Communication is Key to a Successful Framework

An important facet of any security plan is communication, understanding the flow and how everyone works together to create the most effective security plan. For instance, how to troubleshoot the video surveillance system, the authority of the security guard, reporting a security issue, an ongoing problem with trespassers and  criminal activity.

Include your Employees and Residence in the Security Plan

Your security plan should be transparent to your employees and residence. Encourage them to report suspicious behavior and any criminal activity. Showing you are actively participating in the security plan, invested in protecting your business and the environment, allows them to feel safe and deters them from committing crimes themselves.

Does your business have a comprehensive security plan in place? If not, you need to take the next step? If you’re in Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, contact Curtis Security to get started.

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