Private Security Guards & Patrol Services for Florida Businesses

Security has become a necessity to successfully operate a business in today’s age. Handling your own security in house can be quite expensive and easily become overwhelming, as well a big liability. While companies that outsource their security find it helps cut costs and have a higher return on investment.

Whether your business is in Atlanta, Georgia, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, or Tampa, Florida, hiring a professional security service with uniformed officers for your business has many advantages.

Highest Level of Training

Security officers with comprehensive training and proper licensing provide your business with premier protection necessary for any type of crises. Actively trained in threat awareness, workplace violence, investigating criminal activity, active shooter, crisis management, and customer service.

Create a Better and Safer Public Image

As a customer, vendor, or employee, you walk into a business and see a uniformed security officer, what does it say to you?

I feel more comfortable and think it is a safer environment for myself and my family. That initial impression plays a public relations role that keeps guests coming back.

Responding to Criminal Activity

Ultimately, it is up to the owner and management as to the procedure for handling criminal activity. Whether the security officer is armed or unarmed, in depth training can prevent a situation from getting worse.

Monitoring Capabilities

Security officers will be trained to the specifications of your property. Supporting your company’s unique needs, include monitoring video surveillance, delivery, vendor, and tenant protocols, gate access, checking credentials, keeping an eye on the property after hours, and traffic and parking control.

Premier Protection

A private security service allows your business access to high level expertise and professionalism. Something that is difficult to build internally.

At Curtis Security we understand every business has unique objectives. We work with you to develop a cost effective security strategy to support your business. Contact us today for more information. 

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