Does Your Community Have a Security Plan in Place?

When it comes to housing communities, homeowners associations, condos, and apartment dwelling, families are living closer than ever to each other.  This makes security an extremely important issue. With residents are sharing common areas such as swimming pools, club houses, workout facility, lobbies, laundry rooms, parks, hallways, and parking areas, ensuring a safe environment poses unique challenges.

Though there is no substitution for law enforcement, having your own security solution in place to deter crime, discourage trespassers, respond to domestic violence situations and drug activity, is vital!

A qualified security guard service with marked patrol vehicles not only to deter criminal activity, but respond in real time, to any situation and report back to the manager or property owner.

Send a Message to the Criminals

Whether armed or unarmed, a uniformed security guard sends a message to potential criminals. The message is the community is being watched and protected. Quality security guards are specially trained with communication and target skills to diffuse a conflict and stop criminal activity.

A recent study shows a drop burglaries, assaults, and robberies. Private security guards are playing a big part in the decline, according to criminologist Philip J. Cook of Duke University. “There are more private security guards than there are police in this country. I believe that private action, though it has been largely ignored, deserves part of the credit.”

Legal Responsibility to the Residents

By law, some management companies and apartment complexes are required to take security precautions to keep guests and residents from any foreseeable harm and deter criminal activity.

“The landlord has a duty to exercise ordinary care to prevent foreseeable third party criminal attacks on tenants. If a landlord has knowledge of unsafe conditions and does not repair, the landlord may be liable if someone is injured as a result of the danger.” according to the State of Georgia Community Affairs.

Do you have a comprehensive security plan in place? If not, you need to take the next step? If you’re in Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, contact Curtis Security to get started.

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