Security Guard & Service, Uniformed Officers Makes Safety a Priority

It takes more than a fading ADT or security system sticker in the window and hoping nothing happens nowadays. To deter crime and unwanted trespassers, you need to be proactive.

Unplanned incidents, criminal activity, vandalism, and theft on your commercial property can mean lawsuits, litigation, and other unexpected cost. Hiring a professional security guard service will easily increase your bottom line, while protecting your property, employees, tenants, guests, assets, and equipment. It’s easier than you think!

A Security Guard Service is a Vital Part of Any Security Solution

In today’s age, security technology just isn’t enough to provide protection. To maximize your facility’s safety it should be coupled with a security guard. Instead of an extraneous expense, a security guard service is a vital part of the security solution.

Additional eyes and ears of a security guard can significantly reduce the cost associated with damaged or lost assets, while maximizing safety in the workplace.

Security Guard Foils a Robbery and Car Jacking

The quick action of a security guard who heard commotion in the parking lot foiled an attack on Florence Lane, a 69 year old resident. As Florence was taking out her groceries from her car at the Cathedral Towers in Jacksonville, Florida, she was grabbed from behind by a man in a blue hooded sweatshirt.

She said he had a knife and ordered her to lie down in the back seat of her car. As the suspect was getting in the front seat, the security guard who heard her scream, ran to the parking lot and chased the suspect. The security guard was able to apprehend the subject and secure him until law enforcement arrived on the scene.

Creating a Safe Work Environment is Equally Important

To create the safest work environment, security guards and monitoring technology is the easiest solution. They are specially trained to handle disgruntle employees, security risk, as well as inter-office issues.  Employees will be more comfortable walking to and from the parking lot, safe while they work, and give them peace of mind.

Curtis Security Service has one of the best security teams in the industry. Our state of the art security technology, combined with highly trained and qualified personnel, ensures all your security needs are taken care of.

Curtis Security is a premier security provider for personal safety and security. Our service area covers Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Atlanta Georgia.

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