Tampa Bay Division: Russia and President Trump

Seldom has a controversy garnered more attention on the Presidency than the ongoing Russian investigation into the Trump Campaign. Some of what appears to have occurred may be attributed to naivety of a campaign personnel and some will be to the hubris of Donald Trump and his family. Trump has lived in a bubble far longer than most Presidents have. He has lived in a world where he is King. The fact that he became President of the most powerful country in the world with such little governing experience is beyond remarkable, it is historic in its implications. Never before in the history of this country has a less qualified person become President. Unfortunately Donald Trump doesn’t see it that way. He believes he has been anointed. I believe that the learning curve for his is already almost irreparable when one takes into account his lack of understanding and his lack of willingness to learn. This is a man proud of his ignorance. He wears it like a crown. At this point my hope is that he doesn’t do harm. My fear that it may be catastrophic. 

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