Jacksonville Division: ISIS and our world

Crime requires securityISIS has the world waiting for their next crime. Today it was Paris France that was attacked by these criminals. They attack defenseless people with surprise attacks. These horrible crimes do get the worlds attention but I don’t believe they are achieving anything but disgust for their cause.  Certainly no one can feel sorry for them. They demonstrate the worst human kind can devolve into. Crimes on a scale that shock good people around the world. They are a cancer among human beings. They cannot live without killing the very body that they attack. Certainly they will die as that seems to be the only logical conclusion to their choices. There are somethings that I cannot get into my head. These massive criminal acts are one of them. How could a thinking being do such things for any cause. ISIS has to stop if they really have a cause that they want to be successful in there quest. If God exists, surely these people will face their justice in the time to come. They really want to hope that there is no God.

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