Tampa Bay Division: Syria, North Korea, Russia; What does it all mean?

Photo by Idea goSyria, North Korea, Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan; what does all this mean? The world has always had friction among its peoples. However uncomfortable that is, it is also natural. There will always be completion among peoples, it in our very DNA. Mankind didn’t become the Alpha species on earth by our passivity or physical strength. We dominate our worlds by our aggressive nature and ability to think. The unsettling aspect is that not all thoughts or intentions are in the best interests of the general public. In fact they seldom are. Men dominate for their own pleasure. The most aggressive men along with intelligence will always want more; its almost insatiable. The men who created the United States understood the nature of man but also understood the nature of mobs. The dominant ones will continue to take until the mob turns on them and the whole system crumbles, only to be rebuilt by another “strong” man. Know your history and you will know your future. Democracy, with all its faults¬†appears to be the best system to short circuit this cycle as it can remove a leader before the leader destroys the very people and system he leads. Donald Trump appears to be the safety “fuse” that has been activated here in the USA. He represents the frustration of the public with the leaders of politics, sports, business and religion. The public wants them all thrown out. He is doing his part, albeit I suspect not for a long time but until the extreme practices of the others are caged for a while. consider the French or Russian revolutions and many others throughout time. “and the wheel turns one more time”

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