Ft. Lauderdale: Student Watchers

Photo by coward_lionAs students travel more to our areas Curtis Protective Services is being asked to provide Safety/Security Officers for their protection. We are happy to provide this service but it requires additional training and additional equipment. We have found that parents who are left at home and the organizations that are providing the logistics of school trips are demanding a higher degree of accountability. Parents, guardians and the people running the businesses need to know that their safety and security programs can withstand scrutiny if something goes wrong. In addition to the hourly record being done, Curtis Protective Services now equips ALL Safety/Security Officers with hand held GPS devices to electronically and independently confirm where and when the officer checked in. The GPS devices are able to confirm the locations (within approximately 25 ft.) and the exact time the officer checked in. This record is sent by email to the client for their records as well as held at our HQ’s should the need arise. Officers can be required to “sign in” as often as the client dictates. The officer simply presses the Report button on that schedule. The client is satisfied, the trip provider is satisfied and covered for due diligence of the Security company and the security company is covered and able to prove competence and reliability.

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