St. Petersburg: Obama Care; Where do we go from here!

Photo by patpitchayaToday the United States Congress failed to replace Obama Care. After seven years of complaining and making Obama Care almost the exclusive fixation of the Republican party, they failed to have a plan that could win even Republicans. This is a disgrace. The men and women who complained about Obama Care for the past seven years didn’t even have a plan good enough for their own party to support. What the hell is wrong with these people!!! I can understand people disagreeing on an idea BUT when you are elected to govern, complaining alone is not enough, you have to have a alternative; to be negative is not good enough. The people who complained and didn’t have an alternative plan have forfeited their privilege to govern. They should be sent home ashamed of themselves for failing to do their DUTY. I am not asking that they win but not having an alternative plan is irresponsible. These people are to represent their constituents and have failed to do so. Members of Congress who complained about Obama Care and didn’t have a reasonable replacement; shame on you!!

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