Orlando Division: Spring 2017

Curtis Security MascotSpring 2017 starts tomorrow, March 20,2017. This is a time of renewal in nature and we should also take advantage of nature’s cue on what to do in the coming days, weeks and months. There are many things that have happened this year that need renewal. Perhaps our trust in institutions would be a good place to start. In the United States it has become fashionable to criticize the establishment by criticizing our leaders, out banks, our religious groups. Well we have done significant “structural” damage to them and we will pay the price if we don’t stop being so unfairly critical. We all know and understand that individuals can fail, it seems to be our very nature but this does not necessarily extend to the institutions that these individuals were part of. Our politicians are good and honorable people, our banks are honest, our religions are well meaning and valuable to our very culture. Remember the words of a German after world war two who said that Germany was no more because it had all its institutions destroyed; he said “we are no longer a people, we are just a population”. Americans are better than that!!

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