Miami Division: Health Care, Where do we go from here?

curtis logo stripes smallThe Republican health care plan has been assessed for its impact and it appears that up to 24 million Americans may loose their health insurance over the next ten years. As a people we have to decide if we are prepared for the consequences of this. Does the inequity among Americans yet concern people enough to make some changes. People will take a lot of abuse but I am afraid we are coming very close to the tipping point. When we cross that threshold it may be ugly. If we study history (which is simply the nature of people) it shows us that when things start to go badly they move quickly and often the pendulum will swing quite far in the opposite direction until society finds equilibrium. Look at the Russian or French revolution. I am concerned that history also shows that society seldom gives up it privileges without a fight.

We really need to understand how Donald Trump won the presidency. He represented a large group of very angry and frustrated people. It won’t take much to turn civil disobedience into a really serious problem for the police and for society.

I hope we deal with the inequities within our society and deal with them fairly or we will all pay a high price for our hubris.

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