Tampa Division: Cyber Security for us ALL

Photo by franky242Recently we all became once again aware of cyber crime. When the CIA and the FBI are concerned I am sure it is a time for the rest of us to increase our awareness and begin to think a little more about defenses. WikiLeaks recently released a significant number of secret files allegedly from the CIA. If they can get hacked then so can we. Granted we are not the alluring target that they are but for some we would be interesting enough. I am not a big fan of super security because those of us who use the internet are no match for those professionals who do this full time with a great financial incentive to defeat our protection. I do believe that we must align ourselves with big defensible systems like banks, and large organizations. Smaller entities have had to do this for protection from the beginning of time. Animals lean to pack or herd together for protection and so must we. The other thing to remember is don’t put your valuables on line where they can be stolen. We all love the technology but lets not be so foolish to invest everything we have in it. Have some cash, have some paper copies of your important papers. In the changing fotunes of time I believe we will find it to be a good investment.

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